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Repair Cooling system, all brands and models 

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Electrical, Electronic, Motor rewind,
Control module. Circuit boards and more

Braemar, Breezair, Brivis, Bonaire, Celair, CoolBreeze, Coolair, and more,  

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Trouble shooting these faults and more..

Faulty control module causes: Trouble of water management system.

. Fan motor controller. Electronics solenoid main water valve.
. Fan runs at maximum speed or too slow and can not be adjusted.

. Damper. Motor Damper. Touch pad. Zone controller.

. System’s electrical and electronic trouble shooting.

. Control modules, Circuit boards.


fix2Qik has been repairs and pcb servicing these brands: Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Breezair, Celair, Cool Breeze, Coolair, Seeley, 


Repair, rejuvenate: Electronic Pcb and Control module:

  •  Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Breezerair, Celair, Cool Breeze, 
  • Fan motor doesn’t start, or intermittent pulsating.
  • Fan speed irregular, not controllable, always in full speed mode.
  • Pump doesn’t run, Pump noisy or dead stuck. Pump keeps ejecting water even the system turned off at the remote or wall controller,
  • Remote control and controller blanked- screen, non-functional, no responding to buttons. Delay or freeze on pressing button. No signal connection or communication between the evaporative cooler, control module to the wall controller. and more.. All these repairs are individually certified complying with Victoria’s Electrical Regulations and building insurances.


Tel: (03) 9700 7059

Repairing these problems, and more 

Won’t turn on, no power, trip RCD, blows fuse,
Switched on OK at controller but no air flow,

Controller has no display, dimmed, flashing,
Remote, controller shows error code, not responding,

Musty smelly from air vents when the fan working,
Burning smell coming from ceiling vents,

Water trickling on the roof,
Sound of water keep running in the gutters,

Fan motor blows warm air, no cooling,
Switched on but no air coming from vents,

Fan runs only low speed, can not be adjusted,
Fan motor can only run at highest speed,

Motor noisy, Strange noise when use, mechanical noise,

Broken vents, Ceiling diffuser broken,

Zoning control not working, weak air blows at a Zone,
Duct components, damper stay shut or stuck open,

Filter, water pads on the cooler are broken,


Over 90 % changes of these faults are directly related to electrical parts, especially electronic circuit and PCB, digital logic control module that often sending operation signals to valve, solenoid, pump, fan motor and all other components, 

This is to assume that your evaporative cooler, duct works and associated components were installed properly since new, 

Water pad, broken vent, noisy pump, motor bearing seized, mechanical noise alike symptoms are almost often can be worked back to installation and maintenance causes, 

Water supplying to one evaporative cooler is configured exactly the same as your home water tap, there is hardly any unexpected fault happening there, 

Once water reaching to the inlet solenoid it is then controlled by electronic logic board so called control module, that is taking over, managing and coordinating all functions of the whole system as well as the water management and distribution pipes, 

Most of recent evaporative coolers are incorporated an inverter driver and DC fan motors, non contact sensors, fully insulated components,

When it comes time to repair of these new type of coolers engaging a fully experienced in new electrotechnology just like fix2Qik is greatly for your own benefit, inevitably saving money as well as your precious time,