Seals & Gasket. Door Hardware’s

Repair & Install

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Rubber seal gasket for:
 Commercial Fridge 
 Freezer and Coolroom.

. Door hardware.  Electrical parts.


Stop food spoilage. Prolong engine’s life. Save energy. No maintenance required.

. Fridge seal:

Cut to size.

Supply and install.

. Professional. 100% insured.

. Warranty all work.

We Promptly service all commercial refrigeration brands:

AHT.  ANVIL-AIRE.  astisan.  ASR.  BERJAYA. Thermaster. BROMIC. CAMBRIDGE.  CFM.  Concorde.  Conquest.  Crusader.  EUROPAL.  EUROTAG.  F.E.D.  FRALU.  Frostwell. HOSHIZAKI.  iarp. KINGLOC.  KOLDTECH.  LIEBHERR.  Medisafe.  MiSA.  MITCHEL REFRIGEARTION.  QUIPWELL. SHAMROCK.  SKOPE. STODDART.  TROPICALE.  True.  WELLKART.  WELLQUIP.  Williams. ACTROL. ALSO. AKO. ASTR. ASPERA. Carel. Buffalo Trident. BROMIC. Copeland. Danfoss. DiXell. Embraco. EMERSON. Kirby. GüNTNER. Heatcraft. HENRY. Hispania. Lu-VE. Bitzer. Patton. Embraco. Danfoss. Sporlan. abmpapst. Cubigel. Bromic. Skope. Williams. L’unite Hermetic. Tecumseh. Packer. Dixel. Fasco. BEIJER REF. POLAR. NISBETS and more..

Not all the models and brands are mentioned here, please call even if you have the strangest model in Australia, I still be able to figure out a way to fix it, CHEAP !