Cake display. Front counters

Repair. Maintenance. Services:

. All brands and models of: Cake display. Front shop food counters. Cold display. Glass cabinets.

. Recondition the electronics modules and micro processor circuit boards on high end models.

. Redesign and custom make the replacement refrigeration system. 100% Australia commercial grade, complies with GEMS / MEPS regulations.


All models. Same low rate weekends.

Tel: (03) 9700 7059

Call now! Saving $$ INSTANTLY. 

. Experienced, licenced, reliable. Properly insured. All works genuinly guaranteed.

The  commercial front counter fridges and cake display glass cabinet brands that fix2Qik has been working on are:  AHT.  ANVIL-AIRE.  astisan.  ASR.  BERJAYA.  BRILCON.  BROMIC.  CAMBRIDGE.  CFM.  Concorde.  Conquest.  Crusader.  EUROPAL.  EUROTAG.  F.E.D.  FRALU.  Frostwell.  HOSHIZAKI.  iarp.  KINGLOC.  KOLDTECH.  LIEBHERR.  Medisafe.  MiSA.  MITCHEL REFRIGEARTION.  QUIPWELL.  SHAMROCK.  SKOPE.  STODDART.  TROPICALE.  True.  WELLKART.  WELLQUIP.  Williams.

Not all the cake display and glass cabinet brands are mentioned here, please call even if you have the strangest model in Australia, I still be able to figure out a way to fix it, CHEAP !