Coolair Evaporative cooling repair, Servicing Clarinda

Coolair evaporative cooling repair Clarinda,
Servicing all models of Coolair evaporative coolers,
CPL450, CPL700, CPL850, CPL1100, CPQ450, CPQ700, CPQ850, CPQ1100, and more,

Coolair Evaporative cooling repairs,
Ducted Evaporative cooler repair,
Coolair Air Conditioner,

near Clarinda,

Tel 0420 982 770

We also repair other evaporative cooler models such as Breezair, Brivis, Bonaire, Braemar, Celair, CoolBreeze,

Factory approved parts, 12 months warranty,
Prompt service, Best price everyday,
Licensed, supply compliant certificate,
Genuine business, Over 20 years experienced,

Repairing Coolair error code 01, 02, 04, 07, communication, water failure, probe fault, incorrect supply, main control box, control pcb module, wall controller, for these models CPL450, CPL700, CPL850, CPL1100, CPQ450, CPQ700, CPQ850, CPQ1100,
Troubleshooting anything in your CoolAir Cooling systems 
Vents, Ceiling Diffusser, Control module, Control boards, PCB, Wall controller, Motor, Zone and Zoning system, Pump, Ductworks, Room fan, Motor, Switch, Sensor, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Wiring, Relay, Solenoid, Circuit boards, Display, Compressor, and MORE,

From $180 Main module preventative service, circuit rejuvenate, trouble shooting,

From $80 Module, electric pcb: Workshop testing, fault finding,

Onsite testing and repair of the following evaporative cooler faults,

Won’t turn on, no power, trip RCD, blows fuse,
Switched on ok at controller but no air flow,
Controller has no display, dimmed, flashing,
Remote, controller shows error code, not responding,
Musty smelly from air vents when the fan working,
Burning smell coming from ceiling vents,
Water trickling on the roof,
Sound of water keep running in the gutters,
Fan motor blows warm air, no cooling,
Switched on but no cold air coming from vents,
Fan runs only low speed, can not be adjusted,
Fan motor can only run at highest speed,
Motor noisy, Strange noise when use, mechanical noise,
Broken vents, Ceiling diffuser broken
Zoning control not working, weak air blows at a Zone
Duct component, damper stay shut or stuck open,
Filter, water pads on the cooler are broken, and more ,

Above are just some common problems found on recent repairs, there are more unlisted here,

Tel: 0420982770
If your cooler is not working as it should  

95% changes are the electronics and Electromechanical parts faulty  

You then have 4 choices 

(1). Replace whole new system regardless the manufacturer's diagnostic error code, because you had 3 quotes from an electrician, a plumber and a handyman.

(2). Utilising my specialty repair skills making the cooler back to work as soon as you possibly want; ''If its beyond repair'': You only pay me for the travelling.

(3). Call manufacturer: Pay call out fee. Until appointment, take a day-off-work, senselessly wait for the tech arrives. So far, no repair guaranteed.

(4). Call local cooling heating repair contractors: Same as the (3), some charge excessively just to come, Some are even lacking manufacturer training and equipment.

. All modern evaporative coolers and ducted air conditioner have CPU and Electronic circuits, these are way too difficult for an average trade person who then often suggesting a new system replacement. Before that, call us for a final inspection: The problem sometimes just simply a fault component on electrical system, or can be rectified as cheap as a fraction the costs compared to replacing a whole new system.

heating-cooling-split system

Tel: (03) 9700 7059
(no installs)

Over 20 years experience on Coolair cooler diagnostic,
Spot on, honest technician is
saving you valuable time and money,

Qualified HVAC-R Control module maintenance,
Braemar, Breezair, Brivis, Bonaire, Celair, Cool Breeze, Coolair, evaporative coolers,


Trouble shooting these faults and more,

Faulty Electronics, Electrical, Mechanicals and Water system

Fan motor controller, Electronics solenoid main

water valve

Fan runs at maximum speed or too slow and can not be adjusted

Damper, Motor Damper, Touch pad. Zone controller

System’s electrical and electronic trouble shooting

Control modules, Circuit boards


fix2Qik has been repairs and pcb servicing these brands Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Breezair, Celair, Cool Breeze, Coolair,

Tel: (03) 9700 7059 pcb-repair-1

Repair, rejuvenate Electronic Pcb and Control module

Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire, Breezerair, Celair, Cool Breeze,

Fan motor doesn’t start, or intermittent pulsating,

Fan speed irregular, not controllable, always in full speed mode,

Pump doesn’t run, Pump noisy or dead stuck. Pump keeps ejecting water even the system turned off at the remote or wall controller,

Remote control and controller blanked- screen, non-functional, no responding to buttons. Delay or freeze on pressing button. No signal connection or communication between the evaporative cooler, control module to the wall controller, and more,



Repairs evaporative cooling Clarinda

Braemar cooling repairs Clarinda,
Breezair cooling repairs Clarinda,
Brivis cooling repairs Clarinda,
Bonaire cooling repairs Clarinda,
Celair cooling repairs Clarinda,
Coolair cooling repairs Clarinda,
CoolBreeze cooling repairs Clarinda,
Climate technologies cooler Clarinda,
Omega cooling repairs Clarinda,
Split system air conditioner Clarinda,
Ducted add on refrigerated air Clarinda,


Evaporative cooling repair technician,
Thợ Sửa quạt nước cooler Clarinda,

Tel: (03) 9700 7059


Electronics and electro-mechanical parts are the major cause of over 90% evaporative cooler’s faults

Most problem are fixable quickly at very low cost compared to a complete new replacement,

fix2Qik has been doing cooling repair for years, it is proven ours “direct-to-the-fault” trouble shooting methods often saving customer precious time and money
ducted-heater-house-4There are many faults became problematic from just an initial simple electronic control malfunctioning, that would have been rectified easily the first time by experienced technician,

of common cooler’s faults roughly comprising of:
85% Electric, electronic parts failure,and slightly over 10% electromechanical parts problem, supposed that your cooling system was installed correctly since new.

Fix2Qik has all the required insurance to carrying out the repairs on those faults, economical, affordable and peace of mind


Term & Condition
* Repair guarantee: Part and labour 12 months. * All repairs include manufacturer instruction (if any), ESV compliant certificate * Guaranty and refund excluding: OEM recall, factory defect. Freights, travels. Part(s) reclaiming impossible with 30 days including postage delay. Uncollected items will be disposed after 30 days since informed. Free repair quotation and estimate on the spot but fault diagnostic, traveling and parking from to job sites incurring extras. Please call for details.
Disclaimer: Fix2Qik is not a plumbing contractor business. Does not provide quotation on install jobs. No plumbing and drainage work at all. Brand names and models are being used here for descriptive purposes only, fix2Qik is not affiliated nor authorised agent of such brands.